Public Toilet Simulator (Game Jam, 2017)

Public Toilet Simulator (or PTS) was a small video game project designed by a friend, and which I contributed to as part of a Game Jam - a sort of team challenge where you have to create a video game (or the prototype of a game) in a limited time frame. PTS was a management game parody, where you play as a public toilet owner and have to deal with an endless stream of customers.

As the only artist on the project, I had to come up with a visual style, draw character portraits, environmental assets, and an interface mockup to guide the team. I decided to adopt a colorful and cartoony art style to double down on the somewhat juvenile humor of the premise, and also to keep things unrealistic enough so that the game wouldn't look too "gross" - which was a risk considering its setting.

You can see here the mockup interface and several portraits.

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"Insanity" was an early video game prototype I contributed to. Based in 18th-century England, this adventure game drawing from Lovecraftian horror aimed for an artstyle inspired by Mike Mignola and Darkest Dungeon, with thick black outlines and a comics-like aesthetic.

As a result I drew several rustic buildings that were used in some early demonstration levels.


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